Friday, December 3, 2010

Late Night Sex?

Just how far do the bottle service nightclub hostess go to earn their money?

Usually most people that work at a Hollywood nightclub make minimum wage (i.e., bartenders, bar backs, security guards, bottle service girls, etc.).

They make most, if not all of their money via tips.

It is no secret that most of the people that are hired at nightclubs and bars are hired purely based on how they look.

This has a lot to do with the image that the venue wants to project, as well as correlates with the amount of tips they can receive.

However, how far do these "Bottle Service Hostess" go to earn those "big" tips?

There are some stories floating out there that venue management strongly encourage their girls to go beyond flirting to have that "big spender", "whale" or "baller" spend as money as he can.

Have many of these girls had sex, or exchanged sexual favors in order to personally benefit themselves, as well as the venue? The answer is YES!

In Hollywood, the average time span for a "big spender", "whale" or "baller" is roughly one year. In that time frame they will have the biggest and best tables at all the Hollywood hot spots in town. They will have been invited to all the major parties. That is until their credit cards no longer work, and their bank accounts have dried up.

Once you have ran out of money then the venue owners/management stop sending the girls over to your house/hotel rooms for pre-game dinners and after-hours late night partying with all the nose candy you want. They'll move on to the next sucker.

For the bottle hostess they'll get their bills paid, shopping sprees at high-end boutiques, and cash money.

Think about it...a "whale" walks into your nightclub and drops over $55,000 at a table, for one night. Doesn't it make sense to make sure that this guy and his friends are happy, and continue coming back the following night, and the following night, etc.?

From a business stand point you are going to give him whatever he asks for, right?

If you are the bottle service hostess for that table you are going to get possibly a $5,000 tip just for that table.

So you mean to tell me if this guy asks you to hang out with him afterwords, or he asks for your phone number that you are going to say "NO"? Duh, you usually go home making $40 - $60 a night (on a slow night).

Remember that Macy's bill, and your student loans....yeah, this guy is about to help you out with that just have to help him with his problem.

You see after spending $50k, he really wants to find out if his 5 inch cock can fit inside your tiny little asshole.

For a few thousand dollars, I'd say you'll give him three tries to find out.

Hell, you just let some wanna be actor kid, who just moved to Hollywood from Idaho fuck you for least you'll get your bills taken care of after this casual/business encounter.

So what's the difference between a bottle service hostess and a girl who works at a strip club? Honestly, in my opinion, its the exact same job.

I could mention stories about a "big spender" by the name of Carlos from Seattle who would spend $25k - $35k every night at various night clubs in Hollywood.

The days when Les Deux was at its peak and a guy named Dutch would drop several thousand a night then continue the party back at his hotel room at the Roosevelt over looking the pool.

SBE likes to push those house music nights because they know that their clientele database of $15k+ table spenders will drop that kind of money on those nights and events.

At the end of the day, its a business. It a business move for the girls and its a business for the venue owners.

Just remember fellas, everyone has a price.

This will be my last post, until my next post.


  1. Yeah right. I worked bottle service for a full year. I never had sex with any of my patrons. I said no to a baller and he got upset but whatever, a high tip doesn't mean he got to have sex with me. We were encouraged to drink with our tables but never were encouraged to go home with them. In fact, that was against the rules. Trust me, if these guys want some action and they aren't hot enough to get it, the club will provide girls who perform that service professionally, not a cocktail waitress... come on, you just insulted a handful of beautiful women who lucked into a money making opportunity. Don't put all of us in one group because a few ladies slipped up on a judgement call. Not cool at all douche!

  2. You are my fave blogger! I make all my friends from Texas read this to know how it really goes down! I know a couple of "bottle girls" who use that as a cover to escort.