Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Help Wanted?

Do you want to make some extra cash?

Are you a "people person"?

Do you like to have fun?

Do you like music?

Do you like going out at night, instead of playing online poker or your new Wii system?

Are you on "The Facebook"?

Do you have a cellphone?

Do you know how to send mass texts?

Can you speak English or Farsi?

Do you have a Tweeter account?

Can you walk and talk at the same time?

Do you know how to hand out drink tickets to underaged girls or host a table?

Do you know how to spell USC or UCLA?

Do you like partying at: HWood, Cabana Club, PlayHouse, MyHouse, MyApartment, MyHotelRoom, MyDoctorsOffice, MyFriendsCondo and Kress?

Well, if you answered yes to all of the above questions, then click on the above photo for more details.

This will be my last post, until my next post.

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