Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Stay in school kids

Here's a life lesson kids.

Stay in school and get your education. Take your vitamins, and say your prayers.

Because if you do not, you may grow up to be a loser aka, "Frederick G".

Frederick is a 50 year old, balding loser who longs for his glory days of the past (when he knew celebs, and ran a tight door).

Nowadays, he looks like a cross between a wino and Santa Clause.

He tried working in Vegas (and was sent back to Los Angeles on the first thing smoking).

He has downgraded his life to running a few doors (by few I mean two), and acting as a semi-promoter as well. Shaking guys down at the doors he works at for $10 & $20 or whatever loose change they may have on them (he needs the lunch money or to place that in his 401k).

So remember kids, stay in school.

Because this could be your life if you don't.

This will be my last post, until my next post.


  1. I hope someone sticks Josh Richmon's cane up Fred's ass. Then beats Josh senseless with it after. The 2 biggest losers in this town that think they are cool. They wouldn't qualify for a job at Taco Bell. But somehow think they are the coolest things in LA. Look in the mirror Fredric and Josh, you are still losers.

  2. damn someone got burned.
    Freds not so bad. I still see him in vegas on weekends.