Thursday, December 9, 2010

Female Promoters

Can female promoters really be successful in the Hollywood nightlife scene?

The answer is "NO" in my opinion.

Here's why:

The Hollywood nightlife scene formula is pretty simple. It primarily relies on two very important things:

1. Hot girls
2. Tables (aka Bottle Service)

A nightclub 85% of its revenue from table sales (bottle service), while the remaining 15% comes from walk up bar sales.

Usually men are the ones reserving a table and ordering bottle service. An average table (depending on the number of people, guy/girl ratio, bottle minimum, etc.) tends to cost roughly $1,200; and if a venue has 20+ tables then you can do the math.

It adds up very quickly.

Now, if men are usually paying for the tables, what keeps the guys buying the bottles at these tables, are the girls who are dancing around/mingling with the guys at the table(s).

I included that last line to help highlight the need for the "hot girls". Because you need hot girls around to not only make the venue look great and appealing, but also to keep the guys spending money.

One of the hardest things to do is to constantly keep a string of "hot girls coming out to your venue every single day/week.

This is why promoters randomly select girls off Facebook, and spam them with event invites, because you have to fill these venues up with pretty faces.

No "hot girls", no guys spending money for bottle service, equals venue closed and out of business.

My original point, is that female promoters usually aren't successful in Hollywood for two reasons as I see it.

1. Girls tend to be petty and don't like other girls (I'll explain this later).
2. Most guys don't respect them and just want to fuck them.

To my first point, girls just cannot get a long with other girls. I have always noticed that girls usually don't have a lot of girlfriends (if they are single). Girls tend to have more guy/male friends (again, if they are single). If a girl is in a relationship, then she'll usually have more female friends.

Now since girls don't like girls, that means that they are unable to bring out "hot girls".

So that leaves open the idea that guys will book tables through female promoters (yes, but if she is mildly attractive then guys will want to fuck her by the end of the night, and quite possibly the middle of the afternoon).

But then what happens when those guys realize that they can't fuck her, then she's pretty much deleted from their contact list.

Venue owners/management base their payouts on what the promoter can produce. If a female promoter cannot produce tables & hot girls then they are gone.

Question: name a current successful female promoter in Hollywood?

That's right, you can't name one. And if you even mention Sarah Pantera I will slap you.

Every venue owner in Los Angeles county knows that she is good for an opening night only (maybe), because by week two or three the owners/management are calling all over the city to hire other promoters to help out whatever night she's on, or they end up firing her (FACT). Plus, a supermodel she is not!

Also, one of the major drawbacks with female promoters is that they tend to bring out a ton of guys to whatever event/night that they are doing (because its a lot easier for them to bring out guys, rather than girls).

As you can see, being a female promoter in this town isn't easy.

I say ladies, continue working hard and push those events to the best of your ability. Hopefully it'll pay off in the end.

If all else fails ladies, there is always Drai's in Hollywood. They welcome everyone as long as they are still walking, talking, breathing and can pay their cover charge.

This will be my last post, until my next post.

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  1. Every one of them are whores too... Even more so than the Table Service Girls. I would rather stand in line all night and deal with Fred G, even when I hated him... than have to deal with some dumb door skank!!