Monday, November 1, 2010

Review: Supper Club (LA)

Look at what's new to Hollywood Blvd!

Basically, if you have been to Playhouse, then you've been to the new Supper Club Los Angeles venue.

Holds a ton of people and will also be the home of random bottle service poppers.

Just like Playhouse, if you are looking for classy, sexy, interesting and attractive people in LA/Hollywood...this ain't the place to be.

Their soft opening this past Saturday night was a bit lack luster and last night (Halloween) for the most part looked like a bunch of people who were barely out of high school, as well as a massive amount of randoms who bought tickets off Craig's List.

My prediction: this venue will try and host a few special events, but after 6 months it will be the next PlayHouse, Vanguard, Kress and Avalon. Home to the weekend warriors and Orange County tourists.

But don't take my word for it...see for yourself.

This will be my last post, until my next post.


  1. Dear John Doe,

    It may be self-righteous, or self-serving, but I feel that someone has to call out of the joke of a Halloween event that was Pandora’s “Supperclub Unveiling Event” Halloween night. And I cannot be the only one complaining, judging by the other 200 fully costumed, slightly drunk, and completely frustrated ticket-buyers (both male and female, and the majority featuring decent aesthetic qualities when it comes to Hollywood standards) getting the same treatment at the door.

    At most clubs, it would be acceptable for the bouncers to be manhandling the crowd, only letting in people who had tables, groups of hot girls, and telling the enormous crowd out front to go home because the venue was booked to fire capacity.

    This would all be acceptable Hollywood politics, if said unveiling event hadn’t oversold $100 dollar tickets past the venue capacity.

    With multiple invites from club promoters who are normally credible, and sounds by the EC Twins (who managed to keep Guys and Dolls still turning out some decent profits Saturday nights even after a drive-by shooting) I would expect a little bit more then all out robbery. The event was getting a good amount of hype beforehand, and seemed to be a promising notch above the other ticketed events at normally cover-free nightclubs.

    Unfortunately, this was not the case. I arrived at 10:30 by myself to meet up with friends who were already inside by the good grace of having jumped the velvet ropes when the entourage of angry, underpaid bouncers and middle-aged doormen were not looking.

    Consistency being the last refuge of the unimaginative in this situation, I attempted to finagle my way by charming groups of hot girls in the crowd into letting me walk in with their groups. This was not creepy drunk guy trying to follow in a group of hot girls tactic. This was girls who took some pity on my poor soul telling doormen that I was with them and one of their boyfriends, and having the girls told they could come in “without me or not at all.”

    The entire scene reminded of the Schindler’s List Auschwitz arrival scene… angry Europeans barking “women to the left, men to the right!” with helpless loved ones being separated.

    The staff outright refused to refund anyone, and persistence on the matter resulted on the borderline fence between physical contact and felony assault.

    The wait to get inside literally took until 1:30. All my requests for a ticket refund were reassured with vague assertions that the club would be “going until at least 4 AM, if not at least all night.” Tickets were not even scanned… they didn’t have any effect on who did or did not get in. Lights went on and club was emptied within 30 seconds of entry.

    Sure, I may be a crybaby who was pissed off at being robbed blind by an event claiming to be “not the cheapest Halloween event, but the best!.” However, so were about 200 other people, and I feel public defamation of Pandora Nightlife would not be unjust or uncalled for.

    -Pissed Off.
    (Dated: November 1, 2010 - 6:43AM)

  2. lol cheap ass promoters wannabes