Friday, November 5, 2010

BBM Lounge Secret Parties...(lame)

The concept was great.

However the execution has been a huge failure.

What started out as a cool concept (having an exclusive, secret, invite only, hard to find, monthly party for Blackberry users in geo-targeted cities); has turned out to be more of a random get together.

The first BBM Lounge event in Hollywood was great (or perhaps it was great because it was new). Now it somewhat feels like a "French Tuesday" type party.

Xomad (the company behind the LA events) has been trying to brand these events as the "Tastemaker Series". What's sad is that there are virtually no taste makers ever in attendance at these events.

So you mean to tell me that these are the "tastemakers" in Hollywood/Los Angeles (see photo below):

*notice how cool the guy is wearing a black crew neck t'shirt, underneath the untucked, button down (over-sized) shirt, with the huge sport coat (Oh, he's fancy, huh?)*

True "tastemakers" at this event (yeah, right).

Once you start having randoms text, Facebook and Twitter about the "secret" location of your so-called exclusive party, then it really isn't for tastemakers. Especially if this is only your third event (and you have made a website about it).

Just to show you how lame Xomad is, I received a Facebook message from Xomad's Marketing & PR lady back in August. I have copied and pasted the Facebook message below:

We are working on a powerful collaboration with a major consumer electronics brand and an integrated Nightlife Events company. We are looking for the"New Taste Makers" and "Social Web Gate Keepers", those that others follow, set the trends and find themselves actually creating the curve, not just trying to keep ahead of it. From what we have seen, you are exactly this person and are perfect to be endorsed and recognized as a trendsetter and tastemaker for brands.

Our goal is to put you in front of brand decision makers with their products and services in your hands. Giving you privileged entry to Talk of the Town Networks/Events and exclusive access to content and upcoming releases, putting you more "In The Know" then ever before and making you more visible to your friends and others.

This summer we will be producing a series of exclusive late night branded events beginning in Hollywood. Our first event launched August 7th at Siren Studios and the second event is in a couple of weeks. We are keeping this group we would like to work with very exclusive, and we'd love to talk to you about being involved!

Please email me back or feel free to call me @ 1.213.785.xxxx ext X

Look forward to speaking with you soon,


Marketing & PR Executive
Xomad Inc.

Question: Why would you be sending this to random people, whom you don't even know? Is this how you get your so-called "tastemakers series" crowd? Judging from the people in the above photo it seems to be true.

Oh well.

It was a great idea and concept, however the word on the streets about Xomad's "tastemaker series" is that, if you attend any of these events, then you my friend, have no taste.

This will be my last post, until my next post.


  1. Myself and a handful of other friends got that message too. Great post!

  2. the first one at Siren was cool. haven't been to the others, and i have not heard any 'buzz' about it since then.

    and the pic you posted, the girl on the left can be seen out in Hollywood any night of the week, often hanging out with the spikey hair Puerto Rican who likes to wear pink (names withheld to protect the innocent :)

  3. You pick out one photo of one joker posing in front of a press wall as evidence? I've only been to one of the parties myself, but I've seen a lot of photos online that show a much cooler crowd than your photo. These things seem to be the recent high point of the LA Scene, and I for one am hoping blackberry and other brands continue to save our dying social scene.

  4. thank god you're back.

  5. There are wannabes at every event-it's unfortunate, but they probably get in through a friend of a friend or someone's entourage.
    I've been to 2 of the events and they are a breath of fresh air compared to the tired nightlife "remixes" (as you like to call the old clubs who slab a coat of fresh paint and tack on a new name to the venue) that you love to complain about. Anything new should be supported to encourage a new social scene! Please someone-anyone-do something on the westside already! We are dying out here...