Sunday, November 14, 2010


Really? Eden, huh?

Well, remember that blog post I wrote about inventing the remix?

Seems as though the Syndicate Group has chosen a name for their new venue....wait did just say, "their new venue"...I meant their old venue "Opera".

What really cracks me up is that they are reusing the name of another old venue of theirs. Remember Garden of Eden (which is now called "MyHouse"), well guess what their new/old venue Opera is now going to be guessed it "Eden".

Now take another few minutes to figure out who will be doing the grand opening of "Eden"? I'm just going to let you try and figure that out on your own.

So the next time you get a call, text, Facebook message, tweet, BBM, email or carrier pigeon note saying:

"Hey come to the grand opening of Eden", just reply with:

Hey _____________ (insert promoter guy's name here), I was just their a few months ago when it was called Opera. Matter of fact, I was there with you at your table...Remember???? We went to that after-party in the hills which is where I saw you blowing some guy in the bathroom for coke...Remember???

Anyway, I'm sure the mindless masses will show up trying to get inside once it opens; while the rest of us drive by and laugh at the people waiting in line.

If you had been there when it was Opera, I'm sure the only thing that will change is the fresh new paint, new lighting fixtures with the relocation of couches.

Judging from this ownership group's past projects (MyHouse, MyStudio, East, Crimson, Opera/Eden) it will be hot for maybe four months then fade off of everyone's radar screen.

Click on the above photo for more information.

This will be my last post, until my next post.

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