Thursday, October 28, 2010


As many of you probably receive (as well as I do), countless amounts of FaceBook event invites from a host of random so-called promoters.

The funniest thing that most of them write (which is so high school/college frat boy) is "pre-game/pre-party at my house [not the club] then let's head over to the club in the limo, party bus, skateboard, go-cart, etc."

How high school is that?

Why don't you just say:

"hey, I really don't have any money to spend on you girls at the club, let me get you semi-wasted with cheap CVS alcohol or a beer keg w/ big plastic red cups in my apartment with my 7 male roommates, and I'll look like the man walking up with a huge posse, while I get tallied for the large group so I can pay my rent this month."

Step your game up junior(s) and leave the big red plastic cups at the frat house.

This will be my last post, until my next post.

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